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May 19th, 2017, 9:30 am

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moonjellybeans, May 19th, 2017, 1:37 am     Reply

I had too much fun with this

I hope I didn't go too overboard, but I like how the colour scheme turned out!

Get ready for feels folks.

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User Comments:

lunabob, May 19th, 2017, 2:08 pm     Reply

Ohhhh no ?

Icarus (Guest), May 21st, 2017, 9:31 pm     Reply

moonjellybeans, May 21st, 2017, 9:32 pm     Reply

@lunabob: I'm not gonna go easy on you guys >;3

moonjellybeans, May 21st, 2017, 9:33 pm     Reply

@Icarus: I figure we're overdue for some feels >;3

Icarus (Guest), May 21st, 2017, 10:19 pm     Reply

@moonjellybeans: I kinda binged the whole thing today, and I have been loving the ride so far.

moonjellybeans, May 21st, 2017, 10:20 pm     Reply

@Icarus: Wow! Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that :D

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